2021 Middle School Sessions

Registration for Week 7 (3/6/21) - Leadership (our FINAL week) is OPEN.  Don't miss an opportunity to attend our 2021 AAYLC Virtual sessions.  Please review the sessions below. If you are interested in attending a particular session click the "Register Here" button next to that session. Zoom information will be provided to all participants once registered. If you have any questions, please contact us at registration@aaylccos.org

March 6, 2021 (Week 7) - Leadership at 9:00am & 10:30am MST 

Session Title





Bring Your "A" Game (Boys Only)

9:00am MST

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

An interactive discussion with males about the plight of young African American men and boys who are dropping out of high school with the dream of becoming a rapper, entertainer or sports figure.

Community Out of Chaos: Change Now!  Youth in Action!

9:00am MST

MLK Youth Panel

Making your voice heard is not always easy, but it is well worth it! Our student panelists continue their discussion on minority youth voices.  Join the discussion on how to breakthrough and become a youth leader and valuable resource in your community.

What Can Innovation & Inclusion Produce?

9:00am MST

David Prosper

Understand the power of creating a compelling vision and the art of adapting to different ways to get there. Walk away with a game plan to become the leader everyone loves to follow.  Experience inspiration and empowerment to be the change you want to see in the world. 


Created to be


10:30am MST

Isaiah Tatum

Who are you now, and who will you be in the future?   There are many factors that contribute to a negative life, but with the tools placed inside of you, you can combat the negativity with a positive perspective. The best is yet to come!

Leadership & Opportunities:  Be Ready to Open the Door!

10:30am MST

Donna Nelson

“Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? I thought I had all the answers, then I grew up and now I still don’t know. We will discuss leadership, opportunities, and not being afraid to open the door to something different.”