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Student of the Month - February 2023 (Amaya Porter)

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Amaya is a senior at Pine Creek High School who has shown her devotion to helping others in a plethora of ways. This 3.7 GPA student is currently part of 6 different clubs at her school including Friends of Rachel (an anti-bullying club), Yearbook and American Sign Language (ASL.) Amaya credits her parents for giving her the mindset that education is her birthright, and she should take advantage of any opportunity in her path. She lives by this mindset by finding opportunities to empower others wherever she goes. Her favorite class is Peer Partner.  Amaya is able to support her fellow students with disabilities by talking to and walking with students that have special needs to their classes. She also assists, motivates, and monitors these peers during class and helps them to adapt.


Amaya seems to serve others in everything she does. She describes the importance of her volunteering for community service before she was old enough to be hired. So that she could ensure the safety of swimmers, Amaya opted to become a lifeguard. She has served a diverse set of people in her community: senior citizens at the Hillside Community Center, the unhoused, summer camps, fundraising for schools, and even decorating welcome bags for military members! She was also very inspired by her freshmen year ASL teacher and decided to continue learning the language so that she has another avenue to connect with others. She intends on minoring in ASL in college and taking this skill into her career!


Amaya has always been very passionate about helping youth. She has been involved with AAYLC for many years and has worked her way up to Student Ambassador status! She is also a former competitive swimmer that has been teaching kids to swim for about 3 years now. Between connecting with kids through swim lessons and visiting pre-k classrooms through senior service in her AVID class, Amaya has decided that she would like to become a kindergarten teacher. Her goals as a teacher are to “motivate kids with the things that they will be learning, exploring, and discovering.” This senior has committed to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley with the intent to major in Elementary Education and double minor in ASL and Sports and Exercise Science Education. We’re so grateful for Amaya’s involvement with the AAYLC and look forward to celebrating her last conference as a student.

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