Colorado Gives Day

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Colorado Gives Day - Tuesday, December 8th

When our Executive Director, Shantelle Nix, decided on #SeeBeyondNow as the theme of our 2020 conference, she could not have imagined our community—our world—coming to what seemed like a complete stop almost one week after our conference. Over the last few months, we’ve experienced the lows of a worldwide pandemic—which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands, ushered us into economic uncertainty, disrupted our daily work and school routines, and attempted to separate us from family and friends. We’ve been saddened by intensified racial unrest and palpable political division.  It’s been a challenge to see beyond our own noses…and yet, we’ve pressed forward.  In answer to a silent “What if we could…”, we continued to work and serve the communities in which we live; we’ve found creative ways to educate our children; we’ve learned how to connect virtually with our families and friends; and we’ve rallied to take care of one another.  

For these reasons, we at AAYLC recognize that our work has not stopped. Our mission to educate, empower, and enlighten youth remains intact.  However, just as youth were encouraged to do at our 2020 conference, we’ve had to expand our vision.  We’ve had to #SeeBeyondNow.  

Join us in continuing the legacy of introducing students to a variety of educational opportunities and connecting them with professionals in their communities. Click the button to schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day (Tuesday, December 8th) today!