Parent Workshop Presenters

Dr. Manya Whitaker

Dr. Manya Whitaker is an Associate Professor of Education at Colorado College. She is a developmental educational psychologist with expertise in social and political issues in education. Her courses include Urban Education, Diversity & Equity in Education, and Educational Psychology, among others. She researches the stability of teachers’ diversity-related belief systems across time and settings, and how those beliefs can be intentionally disrupted and re-structured through teacher training. She is the author of Learning from the Inside-Out: Child Development and School Choice and co-editor of Counternarratives from Women of Color Academics.

Dr. Martina Porter

Dr. Martina Porter works as a Professor at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work; School of Social Work at Simmons University and Touro University Worldwide Undergraduate Social Work Program.  Dr. Porter brings knowledge and extensive experience working with children, families, and military populations.  She also provides assessments, multicultural counseling, community resources, and crisis intervention.  Dr. Porter supports clients and families dealing with violence, abuse and trauma.   Her goal is to provide education to those in need.

Tory White

Tory White is a therapist and owner of Creative Pathways Counseling in Colorado Springs. As a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate, Registered Psychotherapist, Independent Contractor, National Speaker, and Biblical Counselor, Tory has a passion to help others. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy and is EMDR Trained.  Tory has been encouraging and coaching women in relationships for over 14 years.  Through her public speaking engagements, Tory demonstrates honesty, transparency, and courage.    

Panel Discussion - It Takes a Village

Moderator & Panelists:  Dr. Ron Wynn, Dr. George Houston, Dr. Theresa Newsom, Sharon Tunson,  and Jeff Bryant.  Greg Johnson, from Black Beat Productions, wanted to provide a platform to discuss ways to help students succeed in our society today.  Our team of community leaders will explore a variety of relevant issues that define student success.  These topics include: problems that hinder children of color from being proficient in school, promotion of student success, and assistance in navigating the educational system.


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