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Student of the Month - February 2022 (Cydnee Taylor)

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When it is said that a person must be focused in order to achieve, Cydnee Taylor is that individual.  This 10th grade honor student at Rampart High School shines bright with a 3.56 GPA.  A lover of science, Cydnee understands that having insight into what guides various processes plays an important role in our everyday lives. As mental health continues to be a rising issue for youth, Cydnee is committed to making a positive impact.  She currently serves as an inaugural member of the Youth Committee for Mental Health (YCMH), and contributes to the Youth Advisory Board with Partners for Children's Mental Health. After high school Cydnee plans to attend college, and then aspires to move on to medical school with a  specialty in psychiatry. Her ultimate career goal is to join the Air Force and become a military psychiatrist.
Cydnee has left her mark by participating in numerous extracurricular programs. These include: Stroud Scholarship Program recipient (Colorado College), Elevated Program (Sachs Foundation), Junior Olympics (2019 regional competition), USATF Hershey Track and Field (2019 national competition), Colorado Springs Striders Track Club, Rampart High School Track Team, and Key Club.   Cydnee has also shown loyalty to the Colorado Springs community through her volunteerism. She actively participates with the Bob Telmosse Foundation, Care and Share Food bank, Marion House of Colorado Springs, Food bank of the Rockies, The Humane Society, Do, and Wild Blue Cats Animal Rescue Organization. 


Cydnee tributes her positive, caring, and determined mindset to her mom and dad. Her parents have overcome many life obstacles victoriously. They taught her to always keep a positive mindset, continue to move forward, and that anything is achievable through hard work and determination.  

As a two-year attendee of the AAYLC, Cydnee attributes the conference to her direct focus on education, and her motivation to be one of the best young leaders in her community.  She is truly  becoming the  best version of herself.  When reflecting on the significance of Black History Month, Cydnee responded that "Black History Month is a time to honor the past and present African-American achievements, celebrate our unwavering propensity to overcome obstacles, and appreciate our capacity to cultivate a rich future, based on the path constructed by previous generations."