Student of the Month - May 2021 (Derek Allen)


A current junior at Widefield High School, Derek not only scores big on the football field, but also excels in the classroom. Holding a GPA of 3.69, this future NFL star in the making is on his way to achieve his dreams.  As a dedicated member of the Widefield High football team, Derek showcases pride in his school and his community through a variety of fundraisers. To sharpen his athletic skill set, he will be attending multiple out of state football camps in Texas and Nevada this summer.  As he refines his proficiency on the field, Derek sees the true “touchdown” in education.  He plans to attend a four-year college after he graduates.  

With a drive and determination to achieve his dreams, Derek is not shy to share that his motivation and inspiration comes from his mother, Danielle Grabowski. As a single parent, she showed Derek how hard work, dedication,  and the mindset to never give up can help one accomplish their goals. 

Derek has attended the AAYLC conference for three years and looks forward to attending next year. He enjoys being around other youth who work hard for what they have and are trying to attain something greater.  The resources and education that the conference has provided him will set him on a path for success.