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Student of the Month - May 2023 (Deshaun Ellison)

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This Widefield high school sophomore may be new to Colorado, but he has quickly settled in and wants to serve his incredible new community! Deshaun moved to Colorado from Louisiana about a year ago and has already fallen in love with this community, new activities, more diversity, and the amazing mountain views. He has consistently shown academic excellence by being on the honor roll since elementary school.  He now amazingly holding a 3.92 GPA in high school. 

Deshaun also has a creative side. His move to Colorado has shown him that there is so much more to do with his passion for music! He started out at just 7 years old playing the piano, and his love for instruments has only grown since then. He now plays more than 3 instruments including the oboe, saxophone, flute, and cymbals! Even though he is only a sophomore, he has excelled in the Widefield Winterline and has just interviewed for drum major. He credits his band director, Ms. Verlinde, for being a supportive mentor and helping him come out of his shell as a new Widefield student. Although traditionally the drum major is a senior, we’re proud to announce that DeShaun has earned the position of drum major for his junior year! We’re ecstatic to see DeShaun thriving in his new community by doing what he loves! 

Deshaun learned about giving back early in his life because of his family. His father served in the military, and his mother modeled and encouraged giving back through donations and giveaways during Christmas. Deshaun has been interested in medicine since he was just 2 years old and enjoyed watching the show Dr. G to learn more about the human body. He wants to become a cardiovascular surgeon and give back to others by saving lives! While he is building towards that goal, we look forward to hosting DeShaun at our next AAYLC conference and watching him thrive in his new community!

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