Student of the Month - July 2019 (Izabella Stallman)

Izabella Stallman is entering the tenth grade at Fountain-Fort Carson High School.   She earned straight A’s last semester.  Izabella’s primary focus is on academics with hopes of becoming the school’s valedictorian in 2022.  She aspires to attend the University of Texas due to their outstanding medical programs.  After college, Izabella wants to become a firefighter.  

Izabella loves to express herself through her favorite subject of language arts.  She enjoys reading, writing and drawing.  Not only is Izabella creative, she is active with sports.  She played on the boy’s football team in middle school and looks forward to being on her school’s golf team.

Amidst Izabella’s interest in the medical field, she would like to see a cure for cancer.   In the future, she plans to be involved with fundraising efforts to ensure cancer patients stay inspired to fight the disease.  Although life can be challenging, Izabella has a positive outlook.  As mentors, her mom and friend have shown her that hard work and determination conquer difficult situations.  Izabella looks forward to attending the March 2020 conference.



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