Student of the Month - June 2021 (Khaleigh Reed)

Kaleigh Reed2.jpg

Completing her junior year at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs with a GPA of 3.45, there is no doubt that this future journalist is well on her way to accomplish her dreams.  After graduation, Khaleigh has set her sights on attending a HBCU.  She plans to further her aspirations in shaping the world’s view of current events and news.  Her passion for journalism is rooted in her fascination with history.  Khaleigh dreams of a position as an editor-in-chief at Essence magazine, or a senior producer for the BET network.  She was recently accepted to participate in the Fayetteville University TMCF Fleischer Scholars program. This program  will expose her to various aspects of entrepreneurship.  Khaleigh will utilize her new knowledge to create her own magazine.

Khaleigh’s connection to the community can be seen in her contributions throughout her school and volunteer initiatives.  A few of her extracurricular activities include: student council, Spanish National Honor Society, poetry club, diversity, equity & inclusion committee, and Pillars of success.  As the President and co-founder of the Liberty Student Union, Khaleigh has created a space for students to express themselves and their concerns.  During COVID19, Khaleigh served at Children’s Hospital by providing fun activities for the patients. 

At the young age of four, Khaliegh recalls watching Michele Obama become the first black First Lady of the United States of America.  She utilized this experience as an example of how a young lady should conduct herself in life.  Encouraging statements like “Keep your head up high.” have given Khaliegh the confidence to succeed in life. Her goal is to become a role model and leader for future young women. 

As a four-year attendee of the AAYLC, Khaleigh has found that the conference has given her the opportunity to connect with students who share similar interests.  It has also provided her with a space to explore new interests. During the 2020 virtual conference,  she learned about entrepreneurship and how she can start her own business.