Student of the Month - October 2020 (Leilah Burgos)


Leilah Burgos is a freshman at John F. Kennedy High School in Denver, CO.  Leilah ended the 8th grade with a 4.0 GPA. Her passion for leading others is evident because of her accomplishment in creating the first Black Student Union (BSU) at Bear Valley International School.  This new organization is providing a positive voice from students and offering unity within the group.  During her first year of high school, she continues to provide input to her middle school as she mentors others on the BSU team. 

Leilah desires to attend culinary school after college; her favorite chef being Lorraine Pascale. Leilah says though Pascale is her culinary hero, her mother is by far her inspiration for all that she does. Leilah describes her mother as strong and positive through all the transition that COVID-19 has caused. She is motivated by her mother to be the first in her family to attend college. 

In addition to being a stellar student, Leilah is involved in many extracurricular activities.  Being a member of the yearbook team, helped Leilah utilize her creativity and learn new skills.  She also enjoys softball, volleyball, and baking.  Lastly, she placed 2nd in her middle school science fair.

2020 was Leilah’s first year attending AAYLC. She especially enjoyed one of the business sessions where students were encouraged to create a vision board for their future. Today, she is concerned with the Black Lives Matter movement and hopes that  equality will be portrayed in a more positive light.