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Student of the Month - June 2023 (Micah Lumpkins)

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Micah Lumpkins is graduating from Colorado Early Colleges Colorado Springs with a 4.8 GPA at only 16 years old! This incredible student showed her academic gifts and passion for animals at a very early age, and after skipping two grades, she is on well on her way to continue making a lasting and positive impact on the world around her. She has committed to Cornell University this fall and intends on pursing education through her PhD to conserve animal species with dwindling populations.

Micah’s favorite subject has always been science. She has been working to preserve biodiversity since before the term was in her vocabulary- dating back to creating her first animal sanctuary in 1st grade! “It only takes one positive experience to know that there is more than just you on the planet. There are all kinds of ecosystems around us, even microecosystems that you can’t see”, Micah explains. Her immediate focus is on preserving biodiversity for species with a dwindling population because she fears that some species will only be seen in history books if we don’t act. In addition to research, she also enjoys spending time with animals recreationally. She has been horseback riding since elementary school and volunteers for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

This Early Colleges senior is no stranger to achievements: she is in National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, Phi Theta Kappa, and made varsity in two sports as 12-year-old freshmen! Her mother told us that Micah has been planning her life since the 6th grade. When asked about some of her favorite achievements, Micah stated that she likes to accomplish things that will be meaningful and have an impact. She participates in community organizations such as Teens for Promise and Fostering Hope, community theatre, and helped our students by serving on the AAYLC Student Advisory Board.  She is inspired by her mentor, Shantelle Bridges, who she credits as “influential for my own service-oriented endeavors and motivates me to give back”. Micah believes that being a team captain in sports taught her teamwork and leadership in community. It was a great experience to with the AAYLC to ensure that students who look like her were represented. 

In her free time, Micah enjoys creative outlets such as arts and theatre, and finding alternative solutions that enable animal species to thrive and coexist with humans. We are incredibly proud of Micah, and we are so excited to see her make her footprint in our society!

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