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Student of the Month - December 2021 (Moira Newman)

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Watch out world!  Here comes Moira Newman!  This senior at Regis Jesuit High School understands the importance of education and the doors it can open.  With a 4.3 GPA, this future agronomist looks forward to achieving greatness in her desired field.   She intends to attend graduate school, and hopefully complete her studies abroad.   Moira also plans to attain her doctorate so that she may inspire other college students.


Moira prepares to close out her high school years leaving a trail of achievements.  She is well accomplished both academically, and through multiple talents.  Moira has received numerous accolades, including a Thespian award, four-time Dean’s List recipient, College Board recognition, and  an African American Scholar.  She can also be found disputing the facts on her mock trial team, speeding down the lane on the varsity track team, leaving an audience in musical bliss with her clarinet, performing on the Furman National High School Band, participating in the Owl club, or leading the Girls Incorporated Leadership Board.


Friendships are often viewed as a  treasure, and Moira has a true diamond in her circle. Family friend, Juliette LaChappell-Runciman, has not only been a mentor and advocate for Moira, but has been a leading example of the life Moira hopes to emulate. In addition, Moira attributes her love for music to her grandfather, an awarded clarinet player in Louisiana. She learned to play in the 3rd grade to stay connected to him. Moira recognizes that being organized, valuing great friendships, and saving money are valuable skills for future success. 


Moira has actively participated in multiple AAYLC functions.  These experiences made her more aware of the impact an organization can have on the community.