Student of the Month - July 2021 (Na'im Briggs)

Naim Briggs2.jpeg

We are pleased to introduce a member of the 2021 graduating class, Na’im Briggs. This decorated scholar graduated not only from Colorado Early Colleges-Colorado Springs (CECCS), but also from Pikes Peak Community College with an associate of arts degree. As a Theta Kappa member, Na’im graduated Summa Cum Laude from CECCS with a 4.7GPA and Magna Cum Laude from PPCC. He is headed to the Howard University in the fall and is a Sach’s Foundation scholarship recipient. His passion for leading, organizing, and debating have been thoroughly applied throughout his work in the community. As a board member of Educating Children of Color (ECOC), he has taken pride in promoting the process of dismantling the “cradle to prison” mindset. During his high school career, he stayed connected to the student body through his efforts as the manager for Harrison High School’s basketball and football programs. 

Na’im has been set on the pathway to success through his mentors Mr. Alex Malone and Mr. Trey Shankle. As active members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and pillars in education, they have shown Na’im the importance of continuous learning and serving in the community. 

As a seven-year attendee of the AAYLC, Na’im credits the conference with keeping him linked to the black community of Colorado Springs.  He was able to meet and stay connected with like-minded individuals who he has leaned on for support throughout the years. The conference’s ability to bring awareness to past and current events, cultural pride, and inclusion is something that has inspired Na’im.  He will continue to help and mentor other students in the future.