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Student of the Month - April 2022 (Sanaa Jones)

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Sweet melodies, smooth grooves, fresh tunes, and more is what this super songstress is bringing to the stage.  Though the music notes guide her passion, Sanaa Jones is way more than one note. A current junior at Doherty High School, Sanaa not only is enjoying her time on stage, but also in the military ranks as a ROTC team commander. This 3.4 GPA scholar was able to help lead her ROTC team to a treasured 1st place ranking in the widely known Navy JROTC meet held in Colorado.

As a motivated leader, Sanaa has become the Student Ambassador for her school’s Express Yourself program.  She also is a team member of the Spartans United club which provides a venue for students to express themselves creatively. Sanaa has learned to utilize her originality in the classroom especially in her noted favorite course of English.  She can bring her favorite pastime of writing poetry to life for both students and staff to enjoy. As a person who has learned from her mentor, Ms. Rowland (Doherty High School Algebra teacher), to stay focused and on task, it’s no surprise that this talented young lady has made a future for herself. She’s most excited about the opportunity that has been presented to her to work alongside Ms. Rowland next year as her Student Assistant. Sanaa has set her sights on attending Seattle Pacific University. 

Sanaa has made a connection with students and has also made a positive impact on the teachers who she learns from each day. “She always has a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances.”  (Deborah Kirkpatrick, Doherty High School English teacher).  “Sanaa exemplifies the quality that you are seeking for student of the month. It is rare to have a student who is outstanding academically and socially and is respectful to adults and others.” (Donna Jamison, Doherty High School Computer/Business Education Teacher). 

Sanaa looks forward to attending the 2023 AAYLC.  She credits the conference with offering a platform for her and her peers to discuss current social issues and the impacts that they can make.