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Student of the Month - December 2022 (Sylvar Lowe)

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Whether it is art, music, theatre, or taekwondo, this Widefield High School freshman oozes creativity and natural talent! Sylvar Lowe has flourished in her transition to high school. She has a passion for art, specifically painting with watercolors, and finds this to be a very therapeutic activity. Some of her art has even been showcased in her school district art show! Although she played the trumpet in middle school, she has decided to pick up percussion instruments this year. Sylvar has shown so much natural talent that after only two days of practicing on her own, she has been accepted onto the winter drumline! 

At just 14 years old, this student has a strong sense of the power of positivity: “I try to be nice and respectful to people anywhere I go. Having a good attitude towards anyone, even a person you don’t know, can change their life.” In her free time, Sylvar likes to make hearts out of beads for her dad to hand out to others when he is at work. When asked about the greatest gift she can receive from someone, she emphasized trust.  “People trust me enough to confide in me and know that I will offer my support.”
Sylvar also stays active by participating in taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu. She helps to teach taekwondo to the younger students- yet another way she gives back to those around her. 

Sylvar wants to make a career out of helping others by becoming an art teacher, a music teacher, a bookstore owner, or following in her parents’ footsteps to become an electrologist. We are so thrilled to watch Sylvar thrive in her journey, and we look forward to seeing her at our 2023 AAYLC! 

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