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Student of the Month - July 2022 (Tyra Saldana)

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“Ability to self-advocate, determined, responsible, and persistent...”  These are the words Achieve Online school counselor, Sally Jergensen, used to describe Tyra Saldana.  Focused, driven, and leader can also be rightfully added to that list. 

Tyra’s favorite school subject is math. She enjoys that it is “somewhat of a huge puzzle.” Piecing together the many “puzzles” that come in life seems to be something that comes naturally to this future Registered Nurse. Tyra has faced numerous obstacles as a student, employee, and mother of a young son. Yet she has overcome them all with admirable determination. When Tyra first met with her school counselor, she informed Ms. Jergensen that she was not looking for the easy route to achieve her goal of being a nurse. That has certainly been evident in the way she has approached her studies. Tyra maintained a commendable 3.9 GPA while enrolled in three different schools on her campus and taking a full load of classes—including college-level English and Psychology. She gladly accepted the opportunity to attend quarterly board meetings with the superintendent of her school district and serve as a voice for her student body. She exemplifies leadership beyond her school campus by working with a sports team, training new people at her job, and volunteering at a soup kitchen in her community.

Tyra names her mother, Debbie, as her mentor. She states that she looks up to her mother because she has overcome many obstacles, has let nothing stop her from being a great mom, and “because she has shown her that anything is possible no matter what the situation.” As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”  Tyra has certainly learned the power of possessing extraordinary willpower, drive, and persistence from her mother and will no doubt pass those traits along to her son. We look forward to seeing Tyra at the 2023 AAYLC!