Student of the Month - September 2020 (Xavior Collazo)


Xavior Collazo is a tenth grader with a 3.9GPA at Fountain Fort Carson High School.  As an honor roll student, he enjoys solving complex math problems.  Xavior’s talents include parkour, public speaking, and improv.  After high school, Xavior aspires to join the Army Special Forces.  

In addition to academics, Xavior is active in drama, swimming, wrestling, and football.  His interests continue in the community through his church youth group and neighborhood cleanup.  Xavior’s mentors are his parents.  They are continuously pushing him to be the best version of himself.  He also admires Elon Musk due to his humble beginnings.      

Xavior appreciates the variety of sessions offered at the African American Youth  Leadership Conference.  Not only does he get to learn new things, he likes the camaraderie with friends.