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Executive Director Search


The AAYLC is looking for a new Executive Director. This volunteer will play a vital role in the organization's future conference planning. Our comprehensive search has begun. Everyone who expresses an interest will be given consideration.   Please click the button above to apply.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Annual Conference Management and Administration • Works collaboratively with the AAYLC Conference Planning Committee Members. • Manages the overall administration, management, and execution of the AAYLC Annual Conference. • Oversees all committees, programs, services, activities, and components related to the annual Conference to ensure that all details of the Conference are in place. • Facilitates and actively leads the AAYLC Conference Planning Meetings. • Attends all AAYLC planning meetings except for illness or emergency situations. • Facilitates an active planning process through committee involvement for the annual Conference. • Communicates regularly and respectfully including, but not limited to, the AAYLC Planning Committee, Board of Directors, and community leaders.


Board Relations • Works collaboratively with the Board of Directors. • Collaborates with the Board of Directors in developing conference goals and objectives consistent with the mission and vision of the AAYLC. • Implements and administers policies as established by the Board of Directors • Communicates regularly with the Board President to provide information, updates and/or operational discussions or questions related to AAYLC conference planning and implementation.


Fiscal Responsibilities • Assists the Board of Directors in fundraising and compliance with funding sources and regulatory requirements. • Contributes in developing and monitoring the annual AAYLC Planning Committee budgets with the treasurer and Board of Directors. • Supports in monitoring proper fiscal record keeping, reporting and audit trails. • Makes a financial donation to the AAYLC.


Public Relations • Serves as a liaison with community groups. • Establishes positive community relationships and connections with individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations to garner support and partnerships with the AAYLC. • Represents AAYLC at community events, civic, cultural, etc.

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