Welcome to the African American Youth Leadership Conference (AAYLC)!

The AAYLC continues to embark on an amazing journey to uphold our purpose of providing and supporting educational, personal and leadership development for youth. This year’s conference theme, 2020 VISION #SeeBeyondNow, is especially important to me.  It is crucial for students to see past the here and now of today and focus on their vision of tomorrow.

Each year the conference delivers dynamic, engaging and multidimensional sessions that provide firsthand learning experiences to inspire possibility, creativity and imagination. The conference seeks to provide adaptable insights and takeaways for youth that are applicable to the goals and challenges that they face today. Discussions ranging from college preparation, career exploration, social and political happenings, to black history and STEM are presented to support our goal of “Youth Building Respect and Responsibility for Future Success”.


Personally, after over 15 years of involvement with the AAYLC; from being a parent bringing my own children, an educator accompanying students, a volunteer ushering students, to now have the privilege of being the Executive Director, I can honestly say we are in our greatest season.


Our team of motivated and talented volunteers are passionate about the future success of the  youth in the Pikes Peak Region and surrounding areas.  I invite you to partner with us in supporting our endeavors as a student, parent, volunteer, presenter, sponsor or donor. 

Thank you for your interest in our organization.

Shantelle Nix

Executive Director

African American Youth Leadership Conference



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