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Student of the Month


The AAYLC wants to celebrate students who are committed to academics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.  We are seeking 6th - 12th grade students who are excelling and deserve recognition.      If you are a student and interested in becoming our Student of the Month, please complete the yellow student application below.  If you would like to nominate a student, please click on the gray button below.

Introducing Our Monthly Recipients

May  2022
March - Aileen Torres 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Aileen Torres

Aileen Torres has a perfect plan to be a healthcare worker, but she is keeping it secret until she has accomplished her goals. Given her current list of accomplishments, there is no doubt that Aileen will successfully carry out that plan. This Sierra High School junior is a sharp student who boasts a 3.95 GPA. She stays busy throughout the school year by participating in volleyball, basketball, the National Honor Society, Peak Education, and as a student ambassador at the Children of Color Leadership Academy. As if that is not enough, Aileen has also volunteered at the Care and Share food bank, the Ronald McDonald House, and at the Mountain Vista Community School VIP Program.

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APRIL 2022
April - Sanaa Jones_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Sanaa Jones

Sweet melodies, smooth grooves, fresh tunes, and more is what this super songstress is bringing to the stage.  Though the music notes guide her passion, Sanaa Jones is way more than one note. A current Junior at Doherty High School, Sanaa not only is enjoying her time on stage, but also in the military ranks as a ROTC team commander. This 3.4 GPA scholar was able to help lead her ROTC team to a treasured 1st place ranking in the widely known Navy JROTC meet held in Colorado.

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MARCH 2022
Mateen Saeed-Briggs_edited.jpg
Mateen Saeed-Briggs

JAs a professional photographer in the making, Mateen Saeed-Briggs has played an instrumental role both in front of and behind the camera. With a 3.65 GPA, this freshman at Harrison High School recognizes the impact of storytelling through pictures.   Mateen’s love of history helps him to understand the significance of photos communicating past events. He strives to convey his narrative for the future.  Mateen aspires to attend a HBCU studying photojournalism.
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February - Cydnee Taylor 2_edited_edited.jpg
Cydnee Taylor

When it is said that a person must be focused in order to achieve, Cydnee Taylor is that individual.  This 10th grade honor student at Rampart High School shines bright with a 3.56 GPA.  A lover of science, Cydnee understands that having insight into what guides various processes plays an important role in our everyday lives. As mental health continues to be a rising issue for youth, Cydnee is committed to making a positive impact.  She currently serves as an inaugural member of the Youth Committee for Mental Health (YCMH), and contributes to the Youth Advisory Board with Partners for Children's Mental Health. After high school Cydnee plans to attend college, and then aspires to move on to medical school with a  specialty in psychiatry. Her ultimate career goal is to join the Air Force and become a military psychiatrist. 

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January - Dane Roberson_edited_edited.jpg
Dane Roberson

Dane Roberson is ready to start the new year with a bang!  As a seventh grader at Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School, he recognizes the value of his knowledge. This exceptional young man was reading at a fifth-grade level when he was in kindergarten. With a current 4.0 GPA, Dane is in the top 1% of his class of 300.  When asked “Why is a good education important to you?” he said, “A good education will help me through life.  I will have more brain power, and I will have more opportunities.” He was recently nominated and selected to represent the seventh grade on the International Baccalaureate (IB) school evaluation committee.  Dane hopes to attend a Division 1 college to study Zoology and play football.

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December - Moira Newman_edited.jpg
Moira Newman

Watch out world! Here comes Moira Newman!  This senior at Regis Jesuit High School understands the importance of education and the doors it can open.  With a 4.3 GPA, this future agronomist looks forward to achieving greatness in her desired field.   She intends to attend graduate school, and hopefully complete her studies abroad.   Moira also plans to attain her doctorate so that she may inspire other college students. Moira has received numerous accolades, including a Thespian award, four-time Dean’s List recipient, College Board recognition, and  an African American Scholar.  

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Anotnio Martinez1_edited_edited.jpg
Antonio Martinez

As a junior at Fountain-Fort Carson High School, Antonio is an athlete superstar on the rise. Maintaining a current 3.85 GPA, this dually talented young man is ready to set the world of professional basketball and baseball ablaze. With his eye on obtaining an athletic or academic scholarship, Antonio remains laser-focused in the classroom and on the court. Through the late hours studying and practicing, Antonio remains a stellar student. Being a recent National Honor Society inductee, Antonio knows what it means to establish meaningful and productive goals. While inspiring and motivating school pride, Antonio was honored to receive two letters. He lettered not only in basketball and baseball, but also in academics. 

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Ashley Paul_edited_edited.jpg
Ashley Paul

Ashley Paul has big dreams of becoming an agent of change and an advocate for people around the world.  This St. Mary’s High School junior is well on her way to doing great things with a 3.8 GPA.  As president, she established and leads the diversity and inclusion club at her school.  She has met with school leadership to make her school a healthy and welcoming environment for children of color. During her freshman year, she received a four-year opportunity with Colorado College, through the Stroud Scholar program.  In addition, she is a participant in the Sachs Foundation's Elevated program. After college and graduate school, she plans to travel the world  and help those who are less fortunate.  Learn More about this Exceptional Student

Ni'Asia Ali_edited_edited.jpg
Ni'Asia Ali

Introducing Ni’Asia Ali, a driven and motivated community leader that is headed straight for success. As a Sierra High School Junior, with a 4.1 GPA, her academic accomplishments are remarkable. Ni’Asia has participated as a Phi Beta Kappa Honor roll invitee, National Honor Society student representative, GT Pathways program, Stroud Scholars College summer program attendee, and Elevated College program participant.  Like the table of contents in a novel or film series that she will write one day, this gifted scholar is one to read about, and be inspired by.  With a passion for writing and video editing, this talented young lady has set her sights on attending Columbia University in New York, upon graduation. Learn More about this Exceptional Student

Kayleen Savage 5_edited.jpg
Kayleen Savage

Kayleen Savage is a young scholar with a passion and focus on making the world a better place. At the age of 16, Kayleen has made it her mission to excel in the criminal justice field. As an upcoming  junior at Colorado Early College at Colorado Springs (CECCS), Kayleen has begun putting her career path in motion. Her goal is to obtain her high school diploma and an associate degree through her advanced educational program. Kayleen’s interest for the criminal justice field was sparked by her favorite subject, political science. She understands that in order to make changes in the future, she must first understand the struggles and triumphs of the past.  

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JULY 2021
Naim Briggs2_edited_edited.jpg
Na'im Briggs

We are pleased to introduce a member of the 2021 graduating class, Na’im Briggs. This decorated scholar graduated not only from Colorado Early Colleges-Colorado Springs (CECCS), but also from Pikes Peak Community College with an associate of arts degree. As a Theta Kappa member, Na’im graduated Summa Cum Laude from CECCS with a 4.7GPA and Magna Cum Laude from PPCC. He is headed to the Howard University in the fall and is a Sach’s Foundation scholarship recipient. His passion for leading, organizing, and debating have been thoroughly applied throughout his work in the community. As a board member of Educating Children of Color (ECOC), he has taken pride in promoting the process of dismantling the “cradle to prison” mindset. During his high school career, he stayed connected to the student body through his efforts as the manager for Harrison High School’s basketball and football programs.  

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JUNE 2021
Khaleigh Reed

Completing her junior year at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs with a GPA of 3.45, there is no doubt that this future journalist is well on her way to accomplish her dreams.  After graduation, Khaleigh has set her sights on attending a HBCU.  She plans to further her aspirations in shaping the world’s view of current events and news.  Her passion for journalism is rooted in her fascination with history.  Khaleigh dreams of a position as an editor-in-chief at Essence magazine, or a senior producer for the BET network.  She was recently accepted to participate in the Fayetteville University TMCF Fleischer Scholars program. This program  will expose her to various aspects of entrepreneurship. Khaleigh will utilize her new knowledge to create her own magazine.  

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