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Student of the Month


The AAYLC recognizes students who are dedicated to academics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. We are looking for students in grades 6th through 12th who are excelling and deserve to be recognized. If you are a student and would like to be our Student of the Month, please fill out the student application below. If you want to nominate a student, please use the gray button below.

Introducing Our Monthly Recipients

June  2023
Micah Lumpkins

Micah Lumpkins is graduating from Colorado Early Colleges Colorado Springs with a 4.8 GPA at only 16 years old! This incredible student showed her academic gifts and passion for animals at a very early age, and after skipping two grades, she is on well on her way to continue making a lasting and positive impact on the world around her. She has committed to Cornell University this fall and intends on pursing education through her PhD to conserve animal species with dwindling populations.

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May 2023
Deshaun Ellison

This Widefield high school sophomore may be new to Colorado, but he has quickly settled in and wants to serve his incredible new community! Deshaun moved to Colorado from Louisiana about a year ago and has already fallen in love with this community, new activities, more diversity, and the amazing mountain views. He has consistently shown academic excellence by being on the honor roll since elementary school.  He now amazingly holding a 3.92 GPA in high school.

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April 2023
February - Nivea Paige (1)_edited.jpg
Nivea Paige

“She cares about others and wants to make the world a better place.” said the Doherty High School guidance counselor who nominated our student for this month. Nivea Paige is a senior at Doherty high school with a 3.6 GPA. She has always been passionate about helping others. Nivea comes from a family that has always been active in the community and taught her the importance of positive thinking and being open-minded. Her family taught her morals that has shaped her to be “a very kind, humble, and appreciative person.”  She is currently involved in Link Crew. In this dynamic program, Nivea assists freshmen students in adjusting to their new surroundings. She also had the pleasure of visiting middle schools to inspire and prepare emerging students for high school.

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March 2023
Jade Schaf

“She has been taking the lead since she was 4 years old,” said the mom of this incredible Odyssey Early College and Career Options senior. Jade has lived her life as a leader and servant to her community. This dedication may be in her blood given that her family has served in the military since WWII! Jade is a member of Air Force JROTC and has wanted to be a pilot since she was in seventh grade. She promised herself the first time she looked up and saw F-16s flying over her head "I don't care how difficult it is, I'm going to do that!" Jade has completed 60 hours toward her pilot license and hopes to be accepted this year into the Naval Academy.

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Amaya Porter

Amaya is a senior at Pine Creek High School who has shown her devotion to helping others in a plethora of ways. This 3.7 GPA student is currently part of 6 different clubs at her school including Friends of Rachel (an anti-bullying club), Yearbook and American Sign Language (ASL.) Amaya credits her parents for giving her the mindset that education is her birthright, and she should take advantage of any opportunity in her path. She lives by this mindset by finding opportunities to empower others wherever she goes. Her favorite class is Peer Partner.  Amaya is able to support her fellow students with disabilities by talking to and walking with students that have special needs to their classes. She also assists, motivates, and monitors these peers during class and helps them to adapt.

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September - Reny Deabatee_edited.jpg
Reny Deabatee

Civic leaders of the Pikes Peak region and beyond, please make room at your tables for Reny Deabatee. This Doherty High School senior, who is enthusiastically described as a change agent, overcomer, and “molder of dreams” by school counselor, Timothy Garland, aspires to obtain a doctorate degree in political science…and become the mayor of Colorado Springs. His favorite school subjects are Government, Sociology, and History because they are topics “that determine our social constructs.” He believes it is important to understand those concepts “in order to live in a community of trust, honesty, and depth in understanding.”

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August - Julia Arn2_edited_edited.jpg
Julia Anzaldua

“She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire.” The lyrics famously sung by singer/songwriter, Alicia Keys, are fitting for AAYLC’s August student of the month—Julia Anzaldua. Her list of accomplishments is long, and her collection of awards is large; but they have not come easily. As someone who struggles with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the Fountain Fort-Carson High School student has had to demonstrate incredible strength and true grit to overcome the challenges presented thus far in her high school career.

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JULY 2022
July - Tyra Saldana_edited_edited.jpg
Tyra Saldana

“Ability to self-advocate, determined, responsible, and persistent...” These are the words Achieve Online school counselor, Sally Jergensen, used to describe Tyra Saldana. Focused, driven, and leader can also be rightfully added to that list. Tyra maintained a commendable 3.9 GPA while enrolled in three different schools on her campus and taking a full load of classes—including college-level English and Psychology. She gladly accepted the opportunity to attend quarterly board meetings with the superintendent of her school district and serve as a voice for her student body.

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