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Student of the Month - July 2023 (Jayla Higgs)

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Jayla Higgs is a perfect representation of our theme this month: healthy habits! This James Irwin Charter High School student (and published author) is heading into her senior year and preparing to make an incredible impact on this world. She understands that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Her healthy habits include praying daily, journaling, listening to music, and practicing 10 minutes of stillness. Jayla prioritizes her self-care to give her the energy to keep up with her very busy schedule! Her middle school math teacher, Kelsey Wiggins, introduced her to community service through NJHS and showed her how much fun giving back can be! Now, she has shown her passion for giving back through her volunteer work with organizations such as the National Honor Society, Veteran Affairs, God’s Pantry, and the Children’s hospital. She also tutors, runs her own business, and still makes time for Volleyball. Additionally, Jayla has been donating blood through Vitalant for years and is currently working to create a blood drive at her school!

Jayla plans to attend an HBCU to study actuarial science after high school and hopes to publish five more books. This incredible young woman is already starting her college tours and looking at schools with great actuarial programs. She is grateful to her parents for their support. Jayla describes her mom as “the perfect example of joy and not letting anyone steal her happiness.” Her mom was also the person that pushed her to publish her first book entitled One More First Time: A reflection of the world and teenage life through poems. Jayla is an exceptional poet, and we're looking forward to her next book, which she has already begun writing!  In her free time, Jayla enjoys singing, dancing, writing, and braiding hair. Support this incredible student by purchasing her first book:

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