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The AAYLC welcomes sponsorships from organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to impacting our youth.  Without our sponsors the AAYLC would not be possible, and we are forever grateful for their support.  

Sponsorships ensure we provide top-level programming and resources during our annual conference, thus causing a ripple-effect on the lives of youth and the future of our community and beyond.  The AAYLC has experienced remarkable growth over the years with the help of our sponsors.  The conference has hosted over 19,000 students from all races, genders, and backgrounds since its inception in 1993.

As we look toward the next thirty years, the AAYLC plans to expand even further, and the support of our sponsors makes this possible.  In becoming a sponsor, you impact the lives of youth everywhere.  Being a sponsor means being an arbiter for transformation in our society.  Our sponsors provide the foundation and tools needed to build the future we desire.  

If you are interested in making a difference by sponsoring the AAYLC, please click the button below to express your interest.   We look forward to partnering with you!

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