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Student of the Month - September 2023 (Robert Levi Turman)

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Levi Turman is just starting his sophomore year at Odyssey Early College and Career Options, but he has big dreams and the work ethic to achieve them! Between his 4.7 GPA and straight A’s, even in his college-level courses, we’re confident that this student can do anything he initiates.

Levi’s sharp intellect and curiosity started at a very young age. Being born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he was raised to speak both Portuguese and English fluently, and he recently started learning Spanish to become tri-lingual. He is grateful for his ability to help translate at volunteering events because it provides an even more meaningful and lasting impact for him and his community. Levi also started playing soccer at age three and secured the Rock Cup Championship with his B-Elite team earlier this year. At four years old, he began playing the piano and describes this hobby as “a way to have fun and be creative. I feel like I can express my feelings and emotions through music, and it’s always a calming and peaceful activity.” 

By the age of seven, Levi knew that he wanted to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. He has always been passionate about helping people because he comes from a family that values service. He has served in volunteer opportunities from the Salvation Army to Hope, but most notably, he has volunteered through the Colorado Springs Christian Church. His family has been part of this church since before he was born and are still active members to this day. Levi credits his father for being a great mentor and teaching him to “walk in a way that God will be pleased in order to have a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle.” He plans on following in his father’s footsteps by attending Howard University and continuing to study ancient African history to incorporate into his career. Levi has been with AAYLC since he was ten years old and we look forward to supporting him through his senior year, and beyond!

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