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Student of the Month - October 2023 (Aicha Sy)

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Aicha is in her junior year at Spring Mills High School, but she is on track to graduate in May at the age of 16. We’re thrilled to honor this student who has shown nothing less than excellence! She fell in love with English at a young age and quickly outpaced her peers in reading. Aicha skipped the second grade and found her passion in the third grade! Once she was introduced to the Children’s Bill of Rights and how government works, she knew that she wanted to become a lawyer. Specifically, immigration law! As a child of immigrant parents, she understands the challenges with our immigration laws, and she is dedicated to improving them.

Aicha is well suited to make her dreams come true. Since her parents are from the Ivory Coast, she is bi-lingual in French. Aicha has also always shown her commitment to giving back to her community. From volunteering at the library to mentoring peers in her school’s Black Student Union, she always finds a way to support those around her. She has lived on the East Coast where opioid use is high. To combat this, she has volunteered with the youth coalition, conducted a research project, and even advocated to the Mayor! Aicha has certainly left a lasting effect on her elementary school, where she created a mentorship program that connects them with high school students. Whenever an elementary student of color experiences a discriminatory event, a high school student mentor will come check on them. Talk about supporting community!

In addition to her volunteering opportunities, Aicha also partakes in a variety of extracurriculars. She has served in student government, yearbook, French club, broadcasting, and is on the varsity soccer team! Aicha is immensely grateful for the support of her parents who taught her “to take my losses as proudly as my successes, and that blessings are the rewards of your kindness.” She has a 4.75 GPA and will graduate in the top 7% of her class. Aicha hopes to be accepted into Georgetown and aspires to be a member in the House of Representatives. AAYLC will be cheering her on along the way!

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