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Student of the Month - February 2024 (Arman Ardoin)

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Arman is a 6th grader at James Irwin Charter Middle School, and he is excited to finally be old enough to join his big brother at AAYLC! Arman and his brother do everything together. They play sports, listen to music, and even follow in their dad’s footsteps by taking DJ lessons together! Arman may only be 11 years old, but he is already proving to be a great athlete with a sharp mind. Consequently, he already holds a 3.86 GPA. His favorite subject is history, learning both in the classroom and at home in his free time. He started learning about Greek mythology this year and completed a project on his favorite Greek God-Poseidon. 

Arman has been playing basketball since he could walk. As a child, he also started playing baseball and soccer. He is quite an athletic all-star! He plays basketball at school and at Fort Carson as well, showing great promise as a point guard and shooting guard. His love for sports and “anything to do with basketball” has inspired him to pursue his dream job of becoming a sports journalist. When he isn’t on the court, you can find him pursuing music. In addition to learning how to DJ, he is also learning two instruments. Arman is currently taking piano lessons and playing the trumpet at school. He would already be in the marching band if it was available at his middle school. However, he hopes to play his trumpet in his high school marching band. 

Arman is a lifetime learner and strives to give back to his community. He is part of the pre-teen council at the PSFB Youth Center and a member of the Boys and Girls 4H club. His pre-teen council is already planning their community service event for this year. Arman also gives a lot of credit to his mentor and math teacher, Ms. Jessica Rosenberg. Not only has he enjoyed math more being in her class, but he also appreciates the life lessons that she teaches in her classroom. Ms. Rosenberg has taught him the value of listening to his parents and how to effectively save money. 

We’re so proud of Arman for his accomplishments, and we look forward to hosting him for his first AAYLC this year!

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