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Student of the Month - December 2023 (Olivia Agbo)

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Olivia Agbo, a vibrant junior at Cheyenne Mountain High School, shines not only academically with a GPA of 3.75, but is also a compassionate force for change within her community. Olivia dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Her post-high school plans include heading to college, majoring in biology and commencing her pre-med track. Her love for understanding the complexities of the human mind is evident in her favorite school subject, psychology, where she delves into the intricacies of human functions.

Olivia is not only a scholar, but she is an accomplished Eagle Scout. Adorned with both bronze and silver awards, she is currently working towards the prestigious gold award. Her impact has reached the pages of the Broadmoor newspaper that acknowledges her outstanding contributions to the community. Olivia has left tangible marks which include having built a Little Free Library for her elementary school and transforming the Marian House soup kitchen. This deed has assisted with the pantry remodel. Her leadership extends to her role as a senior server at her church, which reflects her commitment to both faith and service.

Special skills and talents are Olivia's forte that encompasses leadership, communication, cooking, and entrepreneurship. Her extracurricular engagement is nothing short of impressive. Participating in organizations such as the Baking Club, Interact Club, Ambassadors Club, and Link Crew, as well as serving in numerous roles in the scouting community and volunteering with charities such as Care and Share. Olivia's mentor, her mother, stands as her guiding light and provides unwavering support and inspiration.

Olivia's excitement for the March 2024 conference reflects her eagerness to broaden her horizons and contribute to the organization in the future. Olivia Agbo is not just a student; she is a dynamic force, embodying the values of leadership, service, and community impact that resonate with the mission of AAYLC.

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