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Student of the Month - August 2023 (Nariah Jiminez)

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Nariah is heading into her senior year at Harrison High School with a 4.7 GPA, and she is ready to do her part to make our world a better place for all! She has shown an unimaginable amount of resilience in her 3 years in high school. Nariah lost her mother during her freshmen year, but she tells us that “I am still able to strive in school and live every day to the fullest. “While still being a year-round athlete in volleyball and tennis, Nariah has kept exceptional grades. She is also a student ambassador! She continues to search for ways to give back to her community while helping with community clean-up efforts, assisting with childcare, and being an active member of her church.

In addition to her local community, Nariah is passionate about building a greater society for everyone. She is extremely interested in history and current affairs. After high school, she wants to become a political affairs officer with the United Nations to make a positive and lasting impact on HERstory! She discovered this new career path with her mentor and global politics teacher- Rashedah Mohammed. She credits her with being a really good support system and keeping her motivated. One lesson that Nariah is bringing into this new school year is learning to keep her positive mindset and not letting others discourage her. Nariah has completed a few college tours and is looking at colleges in warmer states such as California, Texas, and Florida. She also wants to be closer to the beach! We’re thrilled to host Nariah for her first AAYLC this year and send her off to college with a new community of support!

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