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Student of the Month - November 2023 (Jordan Pruitt)

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Jordan Pruitt is a remarkable 7th-grade student from Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School, whose passion for academics, compassion for others, and love for animals define his character. Gifted in mathematics, Jordan excels two grade levels ahead, maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA for the past three years. His teachers and principals commend his joyful presence in their classrooms, emphasizing his kindness and empathy towards his peers. Jordan is not just an academic achiever; he actively participates in extracurricular activities and community service. He dedicates his time to volunteering as a Peer Leader in the Sources of Strength student program, contributing to suicide prevention efforts within his school community. In addition, Jordan is an active member of the Boy Scouts of America and the Greater Pikes Peak Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., where he selflessly devotes his time to various volunteer initiatives, showcasing his innate leadership qualities and commitment to helping others.

Jordan's caring nature extends to his love for animals, evident in his daily care for his family's two dogs and his recent adoption of a new furry friend. He has attended camp at the Humane Society, learning about the care of animals and resources needed for those without homes, showcasing his empathy and dedication to making a difference. Furthermore, Jordan is the youngest of five boys and looks up to his siblings, continuing to follow their path of helping others and leading by example.

Additionally, Jordan has been an active participant in the African American Youth Leadership Conference (AAYLC) for two years. His involvement in various sessions at AAYLC has nurtured his leadership skills, guiding him on how to assist others effectively and inspiring him to make a positive impact in his community. Furthermore, he has showcased his eloquence and confidence by winning several oratorical contests through the Greater Pikes Peak Chapter of Jack & Jill, with his most recent speech focusing on "How to Embrace Your Crown." Jordan's unwavering determination is supported by the guidance of his mentors, his parents, who he trusts implicitly, seeking their advice and support in all aspects of his life. With his exemplary academic achievements, compassionate nature, love for animals, and commitment to community service, Jordan Pruitt stands out as an exceptional student and a compassionate leader, destined for a future marked by positive change and empathy.

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