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Student of the Month - June 2024 (Maysun Simonson)

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Maysun Simonson's mother noted, "He pushes himself to be better every day." Maysun graduated from Regis Jesuit High School and is now in his freshman year at Colorado Mesa University. He relocated from Wisconsin to Colorado during junior high and worked hard to adjust to a larger city. His father is his number one mentor, and he has taught him not to take anything for granted.

Maysun has always been athletic. In high school, he participated in both football and track. He was a sprinter who also competed in relays and long jump. His father always said he was a natural born leader, therefore it's no surprise that he frequently led his football squad with motivating speeches. He also sang in choirs and served as president of Regis Jesuit's advanced choir. If you have the opportunity, hear him sing John Legend's "All of Me"!

Outside of school, Maysun has completed over 200 community service hours. He has worked in food banks, homeless shelters, garbage pick-up, and even some gardening. He also continued to hone his leadership and mentoring skills by volunteering at primary schools. He attended AAYLC last year, and his favorite activity was dance finesse.

Maysun is now in college, majoring in animation. He has always enjoyed anime and cartoons, with his favorite being Dragon Ball. He participates in E Sports and intends to create his own fighting game someday. We are really pleased of Maysun and anxious to see his journey in animation!

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